• Continuously monitor against full spectrum threats and produce risk assessment reports, periodic reports, and strategic reports for Government and Commercial customers.
  • Provide ongoing, analytical, and topical products for clients to create security, social media, investment forecasting, and market analysis reports.
  • Integrity ISR uses proprietary cloud- based platforms to provide persistent monitoring and analysis using Publicly Available Information (PAI) and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

Integrity ISR uses proprietary cloud-based platforms to provide persistent monitoring and analysis using Publicly Available Information (PAI) and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

  • Develop dependable and continued access to denied and contested information spaces, including social media sites, messaging platforms, and the deep and dark web to produce high quality, timely and relevant products.


  • Continuous Open Source Monitoring and Analysis
  • Continuous Personnel Evaluation
  • Continuous Surveillance
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics


  • Risk Assessment Reports The IIOC in collaboration with the client needs will create an 24/7 monitoring environment to provide ongoing alerts to decision makers on a range of topics including the security environment, shift in social media presence, market trends, and geo- political and regional stability challenges.
  • Periodic Reports Based on customer requirements the IIOC provides periodic military-grade intelligence reporting on specific areas of interest including local and regional security rollup, social media presence/assessment, market trends, geopolitical assessments.
  • Specific Studies/Spot Products Based on customer needs and requirements
    the IIOC will create military-grade intelligence products to answer a specific question or area of interest. These include specific security, policy, or vulnerability issues, market analysis, or social media assessments.


We leverage sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to sift through billions of open source intelligence sources – allowing our experienced human analysts to focus on premium analysis tasks.

  • 90 million unique domains and growing – news media, social media, message boards, and even the deep and dark web.
  • Our system processes over 22.6 billion articles/ posts a day, or 15.7 million instances per minute, & growing!
  • Our system extracts source data (author, IP, WHOIS) and geo-reference (2-factor, image geo-tagging).

Culture of Trust

At Integrity ISR, we hold ourselves and our employees to the highest standards of Integrity and Ethical Best Practices in the Intelligence Community.

  • All IIOC team members are trained in ethical and legal standards to conduct collection and analysis.
  • All our employees must maintain the highest standards as a condition of employment, and agree to continuous monitoring.

Protecting Customer Privacy is Our Number One Priority!