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(22 March 2023) Foreign Policy nailed this – in laying out their “proposal” for peace, China justified their future plans for dominating East Asia and taking territory they see as theirs. The conundrum we now face is how do we partner with regional nations without providing the spark that compels China to take kinetic action.


(20 March 2023) Happy Three Year Anniversary Dee Zimmerman! In addition to being an all around great guy, Dee is an all around “does everything” kind of guy. Dee’s active duty achievements include being a graduate of the Defense Language Institute (Arabic), C-130 E/H Navigator (NVG combat and tactical low level qualified), TALCE Operations Officer, Senior Intelligence Officer, Theater Airlift Liaison Officer to the US Army, Senior Intelligence Officer for 433 Airlift Wing, and Chief of Targeting for the Joint Information Operations Warfare Center (JIOWC). Dee holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Corrections. While at Integrity, Dee has served as an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Subject Matter Expert and Senior Instructor. Dee has developed and taught courses, as well as taught allied Intelligence Officers during lengthy, short notice deployments in the Middle East. And that doesn’t include his service as a Director of Business Development, Proposal Writing, Recruiting, and keeping our partners happy with timely data calls. Dee “gets the big picture”! We are happy to have you as an employee and look forward to another three years!


(9 March 2023) The DNI released their unclassified Annual Threat Assessment yesterday – and, not surprising, China is front and center in the document as the IC focuses on their “coordinated, whole-of-government tools to demonstrate strength and compel neighbors to acquiesce to its preferences, including its land, sea, and air claims in the region and its assertions of sovereignty over Taiwan.” The assessments are timely and relevant as President Xi begins his third term at the head of the CCP and his nation. They discuss Beijing’s continued attempts at influence operations, growth in military and space capabilities, and a keen eye towards China’s moves to deepen their economic ties and control over rare earth minerals to use as economic weapons in the future (see also: Russia’s natural gas pipelines into Europe). 


(7 March 2023) How can Global Space University increase your knowledge and your earning potential? You’re hearing it directly from our students! #TuesdayTestimonials

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(1 March 2023) March is Women’s History Month. Do you know that from 2022 through 2025, the U.S. Mint is releasing new quarters featuring American women who changed the nation and the world? Start checking your change!


(23 February 2023) Jason Dean, CSP2 is our Space Team Lead as well as the Global Space University Program Manager! Jason has been with us almost three years after a successful 20-year career in Space operations, strategy, and training. He successfully built the Space Force Association’s Certified Space Professional Program including the governance, curriculum, testing options, and instructor cadre. He’s made an incredible impact on the Space Domain and definitely “living the dream”!


(21 February 2023) We’re thrilled to welcome Laurie Seymour to our team as our new Financial Controller and Senior Accountant! Laurie brings more than 15 years of accounting, program management, and leadership experience to the job – she’s a great fit to help fuel our continued growth!


(16 February 2023) The results are in! Our Analytical Writing 200 course garners the best student response to date! 4.95/5.00

We like to brag about our STUDENTS because they are AMAZING! We love to teach them! They are engaged, intelligent, and dedicated to their craft. Because of the interaction with our high level SMEs they love what they learn, and our country is the beneficiary. We have created a course that conquers the fear of writing. (Well, it will help.)

The American ENLISTED FORCE has been the envy of every country Integrity ISR has taught in, and it is because of the investment by LEADERS in the enlisted force that we get credit for such an amazing compliment.Leaders, please contact us and find out how to schedule and enroll your team now!

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(13 February 2023) Dr. Desirée Markham joined our team today at Goodfellow AFB! She brings a wealth of educational, ISR, and leadership knowledge. Desirée is an accomplished broadcaster, producer, ISR practitioner, and curriculum developer and instructor. We’re incredibly happy to welcome her to the Integrity ISR family!


(13 February 2023) Happy Monday! Start your week off by taking a look at the latest Final Frontier Flash. It was another couple of weeks without a launch from China, but there was still some interesting reporting out there. Russia had its first launch of 2023 (an environmental monitoring GEO satellite), and one of its suspicious LEO satellites, Cosmos 2499, managed to have its SECOND debris generating event. Get your copy of the FFF here.


(10 February 2023) Every night we make dinner and enjoy family time with the kids. In order to connect, we ask each other what we learned that day. I’ve learned a ton from those interactions. What have you learned this week that would be beneficial for others to know?

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Integrity ISR Accomplishments under New Leadership


Contact: Rhonda Sheya | +1 720-345-4969 |

Williamsburg, VA – (1 February 2023) Since taking over as CEO in September 2022, Danielle Storan and the Integrity ISR Senior Leadership Team successfully expanded the company’s business, strengthened the foundation for future growth, and forged new partnerships to benefit the Integrity ISR team.

Over the last three months, Integrity ISR was awarded its first two prime contracts: one providing security access controls for the US Army and one conducting EW/Cyber training for the US Space Force. Integrity continues to be a highly desired teammate, offering significant ISR, Space, and Cyber past performance.

Danielle Storan, President and CEO of Integrity ISR, and SFA Board of Directors

Integrity was on two winning teams since September, resulting in two new subcontracts under US Air Force. Integrity is on seven separate teams competing under the Enterprise Cyber Capabilities (EC2) solicitation. Integrity also expanded work with international partners under its training platform, ISR University, providing comprehensive ISR, space, and cyber training programs. Integrity ISR signed a new Joint Venture, Integrity Strategic Pointe, LLC, with Chickasaw Nation Industries. Integrity Strategic Pointe is eligible to receive direct awards of up to $100M due to its 8(a) tribal status.

In December 2022, Ms. Storan was appointed to the US Space Force Association (SFA) Board of Directors, working to grow the only organization dedicated solely to serving the US Space Force and its Guardians. Ms. Storan is leading the joint efforts between Integrity ISR and SFA in the development and execution of Global Space University, which provides training and certification to space professionals.

Integrity ISR successfully joined the DoD’s SkillBridge Program which trains and develops separating and retiring military members. Under the program, Integrity ISR will provide robust Instructor training and internship opportunities via ISR University.

Ms. Storan strengthened Integrity’s foundation for future growth by partnering with Insperity, Inc., to open health benefits, training programs, and competitive savings plans to Integrity employees that would otherwise not be affordable for a small business.

In 2023, Integrity ISR looks to grow its government customer base with non-DOD agencies and increase its cybersecurity offerings while continuing to expand its work with existing DOD government and industry partners.

About Integrity ISR:
Integrity ISR offers a wide range of services for C4ISR, Space, and Cyberspace strategy, training, and operations that enable personnel to operate in any domain under any conditions, from permissive to highly contested/denied environments. Our number one priority is to strengthen U.S. national security by increasing U.S. readiness and lethality, building the capabilities of U.S. allies, and fostering increased interoperability for tomorrow’s coalition warfighters.


(1 February 2023) It’s Threat of the Day Wednesday…and February. Today we take a look at Shijian 21.

Do you want to learn more about space? Take a look at the courses we offer.


(27 January 2023) We are hiring! Check out our available positions!



(19 January 2023) You know you miss Threat of the Days! We know you do too. Here’s a flashback to your past or an open source version of your present. More details on Su-57 capabilities in the next edition of The Intel Flash.


(13 January 2023) Give your space professional career a head start in 2023!

Now you can achieve Certified Space Professional (CSP) Level 2 through our test-out option.

Not one for tests? All January, get an early registration discount for all March 2023 courses. Save 20% on Space 200 by visiting our Linked-In site!


(10 January 2023) Happy 2023 to everyone! December turned into a Chinese “Launchapalooza” conducting 9 launches in less than 4 weeks. Several of those launches carried national security payloads…there were no less than 4 new Shiyan (experiment) missions, another Yaogan 36 triplet, and the 4th high resolution Gaofen 11 (JB-16). 

2023 looks like it will be equally sporting. First up, it seems like there’s a Shijian satellite (SJ-23) coming in the first half of this month. Looks like SJ-23 could be a follow-on to the SJ-13 communications satellite launched in 2017 with the DHF-4E bus.

This edition of the FFF is packed. Check it out here.


(1 January 2023) Happy New Year from All of Us at Integrity ISR. Wishing everyone a prosperous and safe 2023!




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